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Lady Alexandra Victoria Edwina Diana Knatchbull was born on 5 December 1982 as the daugher of Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull, 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma (born 8 October 1947) and his wife Penelope Meredith Mary Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, (née Eastwood; born 16 April 1953).

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The Countess Mountbatten of Burma and daughter Lady Alexandra Knatchbull with The Duke Of Edinburgh.

Alexandra is the great granddaughter of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma (25 June 1900 – 27 August 1979), a British Royal Navy officer and statesman, uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and second cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II. In August 1979, Mountbatten was assassinated by a bomb that was hidden aboard his fishing boat in Mullaghmore, County Sligo, Ireland.

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Reverend Jonathan Riviere, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Lady Alexandra Knatchbull after attending a church service on the 59th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the throne, at the church of St Peter and St Paul in West Newton on February 6, 2011 in King’s Lynn, England.

Lady Knatchbull is also a goddaughter of the late Diana, Princess of Wales (1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997).

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Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 – 1997) and Charles, Prince of Wales at the Christening of goddaughter Alexandra Knatchbull at Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, United Kingdom, 12th Match 1983.

Alexandra married on 25 June 2016 to Thomas Hooper (1979). Their wedding was described as “The Society Wedding of the Year” and took place at Romsey Abbey, near the bride’s family estate Broadlands, in Hampshire.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh were present at the wedding. Prince Philip is god-father to Norton, 3rd Earl Mountbatten of Burma, father of the bride.

The bride was given away by Prince Charles Prince of Wales. The reason the Prince gave the bride away was because her father, Norton Knatchbull, was too ill to do it.

Lady Alexandra Knatchbull and The Prince of Wales.

Beautiful Bride Alexandra Knatchbull wore a structured silk gown by Austrian designer Inge Sprawson with an exquisite handmade Antique Brussels Point de Gaze Lace Wedding veils from Antique Lace Heirlooms and The Mounbatten Star Tiara.

Alexandra Knatchbull’s beautiful Brussels Lace Point de Gaze Roses wedding veil.

Close up detail of Alexandra Knatchbull’s wedding veil

The bride’s mother, Penelope Eastwood who married Norton Knatchbull on 20 October 1979 wore The Mountbatten Star Tiara on her wedding day.

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Patricia Mountbatten (14 February 1924 – 13 June 2017), Alexandra’s grandmother also wore The Mountbatten Star Tiara for her wedding to John Ulick Knatchbull, 7th Baron Brabourne on 26 October 1946.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, was a bridesmaid at the wedding. Princess Elizabeth (centre right); Princess Margaret (lower right); Princess Alexandra (lower left); and Lady Pamela Mountbatten.

The Mounbatten Star Tiara.

Many royal guests were present at the wedding of Lady Alexandra Knatchbull and Tomas Hooper including Anne, Princess Royal, Queen Sofia of Spain and sister Princess Irene of Greece, Queen Anne-Marie and King Constatine of Greece, Princess Alexandra, The Honorauble Lady Ogilvy, Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan and wife Princess Sarvath al-Hassan and the late Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma (14 February 1924 – 13 June 2017).

More photos of the wedding HERE and HERE.

Thomas Hooper and Lady Alexandra Knatchbull have two children:

  • Inigo Norton Sebastian Mountbatten Hooper (born 21 December 2017). Inigo is godson of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
  • Alden Peter Theodore Mountbatten Hooper (born 27 March 2020).
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Alexandra Knatchbull and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in 2017.

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Lady Alexandra Hooper (née Knatchbull) and Thomas Hooper attended day 3 of the Royal Windsor Horse Show in Home Park on May 10, 2019 in Windsor.

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