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The celebration of Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday continues as Her Majesty attends the “Children’s from Denmark’s Municipalities Celebrate HM Queen” event at Christiansborg Castle (Danish: Christiansborg Slot) in central Copenhagen, Denmark.

Queen Margrethe arrives at the event.

Students of the third grade from all 98 municipalities in the country have made paintings that honor the birth of Queen Margrethe, and which at the same time consists of something characteristic of the municipality or region from which the child is from.

The handover of paintings was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while many of the events to celebrate The Queen’s 80th birthday on April 16 were cancelled.

Tidligere på året besluttede Danmarks 98 kommuner samt Kommunernes Landsforening (KL) at gå sammen om en fælles gave til…

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During the event, the children and composer Sigurd Barrett sang the song “Denmark through a thousand years” (Danish: “Danmark gennem tusind år”) to The Queen.

At today’s event, the children asked several questions to Queen Margrethe:

  • What are you doing in your spare time?

I do a lot of things like that. Often I paint. I did this especially at home during the corona crisis. Then I’ve embroidered, but I’ve also taken care of my work, just from home.

  • Which book is your favorite book?

I’m an old woman, and I’ve been reading for many, many years. But I think some of Hans Christian Andersen’s adventures are some of the best I’ve read and can always go back to.

  • What do you eat for breakfast?

I get a glass of milk, a cup of coffee and a small portion of oatmeal and some bread with marmalade or some honey.

Later, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary join Queen Margrethe, when she opened the long awaited exhibition “The Queen’s Faces” (Danish: Dronningens ansigter) at the National History Museum in At Frederiksborg Castle (Danish: Det Nationalhistoriske Museum på Frederiksborg).

Helt spontant sendte dronningen kærlige luftkys til Mary og Frederik. Se de søde billeder i artiklen:

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A new portrait of The Queen, the fifth painted by artist Niels Stroebek, was revealed during the exhibition. It was commisioned by Frederiksborg Castle on the occasion of Queen Margrethe’s 80th Birthday.

På Frederiksborg Slot hænger adskillige portrætter af kongelige gennem tiden, og i dag blev et nyt tilføjet til…

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For this event, Crown Princess Mary wore Ahana Crepe Midi Dress from Beulah London.

The exhibition portrays Her Majesty’s life, work and special interests by showing films, suits, scenographic elements and photographic portraits of the Queen through time.⁣ ⁣

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