On July 25, The Danish Royal House released an official statement to confirm that Prince Joachim of Denmark (51) was admitted to the Toulouse University Hospital (CHU-Toulouse) in France, on Friday night with a blood clot in the brain.

Prince Joachim had successful emergency surgery and is in stable condition. His wife Princess Marie has been by his side in the hospital.

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Danish Prince Joachim.

鈥淗is Royal Highness Prince Joachim was admitted to the University Hospital of Toulouse, France, late last night. The prince was operated on immediately afterwards for a blood cot, [it] was successful. The condition of His Royal Highness is stable today.

Danish Royal House

The emergency came two days after Prince Joachim and family celebrated the 18th birthday of the Prince鈥檚 second son, Prince Felix, at Ch芒teau de Cayx, where the royals are enjoing their summer holidays.

Joachim is due to take up the post as Denmark鈥檚 military attach茅 in Paris, France on 1 September.

In front: Princess Athena and Prince Henrik. Back row: Princess Marie, Prince Joachim, Prince Felix, Prince Nikolai and Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg.

Update July 26

The Royal House has said to the Danish press that Prince Joachim is fortunate to have received medical treatment on time. The Prince is doing well under the circumstances. But that it is too early to say how long the Prince will be in the hospital

Prince Joachim’s condition is stable on Sunday at noon, the Royal Family informs.

There was a quick reaction when Prince Joachim was hit by a blood clot in his brain on Friday night in the middle of his summer vacation.

Joachim was with his family at the Ch芒teau de Cayx in the south of France, from where he was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Cahors. When the Prince arrived at the hospital, he was received by three doctors – an emergency physician, a radiologist and a neurologist.

Subsequently, radiological examinations of the Prince were performed, which led to him being scanned in the brain.

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When the hospital in Cahors could not provide the necessary treatment, it was decided that Prince Joachim should be moved to the larger Toulouse University Hospital (CHU-Toulouse) in Toulouse.

Therefore, Prince Joachim was taken by ambulance to CHU-Toulouse, where he was operated on immediately after arrival for the blood clot in the brain, and the operation was successful.

Danish magazine SE og H脴R reports that, according to a source, Princess Marie is still by the Prince’s side at the CHU-Toulouse. Joachim can move both arms and legs and he can speak.

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Princess Marie and Prince Joachim attended Sidaction Gala Dinner 2020 at Pavillon Cambon on January 23, 2020 in Paris, France.

Update July 28

Denmark Royal House gives an update following Prince Joachim鈥檚 emergency brain surgery last week to remove a blood clot from his brain.

  • Prince Joachim will not have any physical effects or other injuries as a result of the blood clot.
  • The blood clot in the brain was due to a sudden dissection of an artery.
  • The risk of recurrence is very small when the artery has healed.
  • The royal family hopes that the media will comply with the wish for calm and respect for privacy.
  • Prince Joachim, Princess Marie & Queen Margrethe thank Public for the support and the many warm greetings they have received over the past few days.

“His Royal Highness Prince Joachim underwent surgery on Saturday night, July 25, 2020 for a blood clot in his brain at the University Hospital of Toulouse, France. After the recent days of hospitalization and treatment in the intensive care unit, it is now the doctors’ assessment that Prince Joachim will not have physical or other consequences but as a result of the blood clot.

The blood clot in the brain was due to a sudden dissection of an artery, and the hospital’s medical team estimates that the risk of recurrence is very small once the artery has healed. Prince Joachim is expected to be moved from the intensive care unit soon, but will continue to be hospitalized in the near future. It is still the royal family’s hope that the media will live up to the desire for peace and respect for privacy.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie would like to thank you for the support and the many warm greetings they have received in recent days. This means a lot. Her Majesty the Queen also warmly thanks for all the sympathy that has been shown to the royal family.”

Danish Royal House

Update August 4

Prince Joachim has been discharged from hospital

His Royal Highness Prince Joachim was discharged from the University Hospital of Toulouse, France, on Monday evening, August 3, 2020, where the Prince underwent surgery last week for a blood clot in his brain.

It is now the opinion of the doctors that the Prince’s health has improved to such an extent that His Royal Highness can be discharged.

The Prince is now staying at the Ch芒teau de Cayx. It is still the family’s wish that the Prince has the necessary peace to recover completely.

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie thank the hospital staff involved in the Prince’s recovery.

Update August 12

Crown Prince Frederik Visits Prince Joachim

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik visited his brother Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and the couple’s two children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena at the Ch芒teau de Cayx.

The Crown Prince wanted to see Prince Joachim after his successful emergency surgery due to a blood clot in the brain.

Prince Joachim is still recovering well, but still needs peace around him. Crown Prince Frederik is now back in Denmark.

Prince Joachim of Denmark, Count of Monpezat (born 7 June 1969 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen) is the younger son of Queen Margrethe II and late Prince Henrik.

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Queen Margrethe at the door to Amalienborg where she welcome Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and their children on the occasion of the Queen’s birthday party for the Prince celebrating his 50th birthday on June 7, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Joachim is sixth in the line of succession to the Danish throne, following his elder brother, Crown Prince Frederik, and Frederik’s four children

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Crown Prince Frederik, Queen Margrethe and Prince Joachim.

From his first marriage with Alexandra Manley, now Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, Prince Joachim has two sons:

  • Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik, born 28 August 1999 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.
  • Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian, born 22 July 2002 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen

From his second marriage with Marie Cavallier, now Princess Marie of Denmark, Prince Joachim has one son and one daughter:

  • Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain of Denmark, born 4 May 2009 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.
  • Princess Athena Marguerite Fran莽oise Marie of Denmark, born 24 January 2012 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

Recent photo of Prince Joachim and children from left to right Prince Nikolai, Prince Henrik, Princess Athena and Prince Felix.

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Prince Joachim with his wife Princess Marie and former wife Countess Alexandra.

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