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Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is officially back to work after her summer holiday.  On 26 August 2019, The Crown Princess attended two events in Copenhagen in just a few hours.

The Crown Princess participated in a Conference on Social Exclusion in Copenhagen’s Southern Port.

As chair of The Mary Foundation (Danish: Mary Fonden), the Crown Princess gave a speech with an important message focused on social exclusion in Denmark.

“Good morning.

I want to start with something that, in my eyes, is a prerequisite for all social change, and which is therefore also crucial to what we are talking about today:

Understanding comes before change. And empathy is the path to full understanding. When we put ourselves in the place of others, when we really listen, we are often better able to understand.

Mary Fonden – The Mary Foundation

At the conference was presented a new study “Behind the Community Survey”, where 78 vulnerable people on the edge of the community tell about their dreams, deprivation and desires.

The report was created by VIVE -The Danish Center for Social Science Research- for The Mary Foundation in collaboration with The Danish Foundation TrygFonden that works to make Denmark a safer place to be. 

Crown Princess Mary attended the launch Verdenstimen 2019.

At Copenhagen City Hall, The Crown Princess participated in the launch of The World Hour (Danish: Verdenstimen 2019), an annual event which is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The World Hour is organized by the World’s Best News, and at the event associations, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and companies working with world goals attend.

Mary of Denmark’s Outfit Details

The Crown Princess wore a dress from H&M’s Conscious Collection, which offers fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way with recycled and organic materials. The dress is son sale for $99.

Previously, the Crown Princess wore the dress on Day One of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019 at DR Koncerthuset on May 15, 2019.

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