Victoria of Sweden and Mary of Denmark


The Crown Princess Couple of Sweden is on a three-day visit to Copenhagen, Denmark from September 16 to 18. During their stay they will be accompanied by a Swedish delegation that include representation from the Swedish government and business sectors.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit The UN City

In the morning the Crown Prince Couple of Sweden and the Swedish delegation joined by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visit The UN City (Danish: FN Byen). The UN City consists of two campuses that combined house 11 United Nations agencies.

They were welcomed by Grete Faremo, Executive Director at UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services). They also met with representatives of UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) and UNDP (UN Development Program).

Crown Princess Victoria wore a floral print dress by Dagmar and Crown rincess Mary wore a MaxMara jumpsuit.

The theme of the visit was “Innovation Partnerships with the UN to accelerate the The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.

During the visit, the Crown Princess of Sweden gave a speech.

“Ladies and gentlemen, 2030 is not far away. If we are delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals, we need companies that are not just adapting to change, but leading it. We need companies with the will and the skill to make a true difference. And we need closer co-operation between the UN system and private enterprise. (…)

It is my sincere hope that this visit may be a starting point for new and productive partnerships for a better, more sustainable future!”

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)

During the afternoon, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended The Confederation of Danish Industrys annual meeting at the DR Koncerthuset (previously Copenhagen Concert Hall in English).

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This year’s theme is “Green Transition” and the purpose is discuss how companies, politicians and citizens can work together to achieve growth and sustainability to create a green future.

Crown Princess Victoria deliver the opening speech in which she said:

“Ladies and gentlemen. Sweden and Denmark are not just neighbors. We are family. Like all families, there is a measure of competition between us. And so it should be! We encourage each other. We learn from each other. But above all we are strong together… “

“If we are to continue to lead the development, and remain in the front, then we cannot afford to settle down. Because then someone else will soon run over us. As relatively small countries, we need to switch up instead. And take every opportunity to sharpen us through collaboration. Together we can inspire other countries. And offer Nordic solutions around the world.”

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
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Crown Prince Frederik gave a speech and presented the Danish Industry Prize.

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Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark with the winners of The Confederation of Danish Industrys 2019 award. The winner was the company Heliac which produce solar cells.

Reception at HMS Nyköping and Dinner at Ambassador Residence

Afterwards, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, the Sweden delegation and other guests attended a reception on board HMS Nyköping.

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Later the Sweden’s Ambassador to Denmark, Frederik Jorgensen hosts a dinner at the Swedish’s residence, where guests include business leaders from Sweden and Denmark.

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