On November 12, Crown Princess Mary attends Children, Youth and Grief 20th Anniversary Conference at the Royal Danish Playhouse (Danish: Skuespilhuset) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ved ankomsten blev Kronprinsessen modtaget af bestyrelsesformand for Det Nationale Sorgcenter Jens Kristian Gøtrik og direktør i Det Nationale Sorgcenter Preben Engelbrekt.

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The Crown Princess is the Patron of Children, Youth and Grief (Danish: Børn, unge og sorg). The association provides support and specialised psychological therapy to children, teenagers, and young adults who either live with a seriously ill family member or have lost a loved one.

Children, Youth and Grief is part of the Danish National Center for Grief founded in 2000 by Preben Engelbrekt.

Børn, Unge & Sorg har afdelinger i København, Aarhus og Odense, hvor de blandt andet tilbyder gratis rådgivning og…

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I forbindelse med jubilæumskonferencen fik Kronprinsessen lejlighed til at tale med nogle af de mennesker, der gennem…

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Crown Princess Mary, who lost her mother Henrietta Clark Horne on 20 November 1997, began her speech with the next words:

"It is difficult, if not impossible, to find meaning in losing someone you love. But what makes sense, and something that can not be taken from us, is all we had with that person.

For 20 years, Children, Youth & Grief has helped children and young people who experience that the most important person in their life becomes seriously ill or dies.

I know from personal experience that all people can make a difference for a partner, friend or family member in grief: We can help him or her feel that the person they have lost is still with them through life.

The greatest fear for many survivors is that one forgets the dead. The fear that the appearance, voice and personality of the deceased will be erased.

I can at least remember that from myself when I lost my mother. For a while, I had a hard time recalling her image."

I forbindelse med jubilæumskonferencen holdt Hendes Kongelige Højhed en tale.

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The Crown Princess was very emotional during her speech. She had to take a break and wipe away a tear when talking about remembering the ones you’ve lost throughout life. Later she said:

"What touched me on the podium yesterday is a little hard to explain. It was not so much about my own loss, but more about the fact that many of us in the room had something special in common. We were common about having lost, and I could feel the common understanding that loss provides. It does not require words, it is just there…⁣"

Click HERE for the video of her speech.

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