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After spent several weeks in Switzerland with her children, Crown Princess Mary travelled to Denmark for a series of official engagements.

The children of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik – Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine – began 12 weeks of studies at the International School Lemania-Verbier in Switzerland on January 6, 2020.

Crown Princess Mary attended Media Competition Awards

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark attended 2020 Media Competition Awards ceremony, known as Mediekonkurrencen in Danish.

The event took place at JP/Politikens Hus in Copenhagen on January 29, 2020. The theme of this year was “Death is something we are talking about”.

Mediekonkurrencen, for 6th-10th grade students, is organized by Politiken, Ekstra Bladet and Jyllands-Posten. This year, the competition was also a collaboration with the Mary Fonden, Children, Youth & Grief (Danish: Børn, Unge & Sorg) and Østifterne.

The media competition was held during the fall of 2019 and aimed to provide school students with knowledge of the media industry.

The competition was also an exercise in writing about death, grief and serious illness, and the students have chosen to write about, among other things, deaths in families, active euthanasia and suicide.

The winners were selected for dealing with the theme through original angles, good communication and a nice visual expression.

In October 2019, the Crown Princess visited some of the students to hear about their work on the competition. Her Royal Highness congratulated the winners in a speech.

The Crown Princess wore printed blouse, Céline belt, black trousers, black ankle boots and Quidam clutch.

Crown Princess Mary Attended Several Meetings

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess, as patron of the DRC Danish Refugee Council, had the opportunity to meet the organization’s new Secretary General Charlotte Slente and Chairman Agi Csonka at Frederik VIII’s Palace at Amalienborg on January 30, 2020.

At the meeting that took place in Frederik VIII’s Mansion in Amalienborg, the Crown Princess was informed of the general refugee situation, and Charlotte Slente and Agi Csonka also talked about DRC Danish Refugee Council’s ongoing activities to create lasting solutions for refugees and internally displaced people around the world.

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) assists refugees and internally displaced persons in 40 countries across the globe. DRC was founded in Denmark in 1956.

During the afternoon, The Crown Princess received Ninna Thomsen, Mothers’ Aid Director and Trine Schaldemose, Deputy Director.

Crown Princess Mary is the Patron of Mothers’ Aid (Danish: Mødrehjælpen) a private humanitarian organization that advises and supports mothers who are in difficulty.

At the meeting, Her Royal Highness was briefed on the development of the Mothers’ Aid work in counseling and helping families with problems and challenges when “life strikes” as well as the great efforts of the organization’s volunteers and the future focus.

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