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Princess Elisabeth, heiress to the Belgian throne, celebrated her 18th birthday on October 25, 2019 and for this festive occasion a ceremony was organized in the Throne Room of The Royal Palace in Brussels.

Elisabeth is now old enough to rule without a regent being appointed. The ceremony was broadcast on three main TV channels in Belgium.

The Princess arrived at the official ceremony in the Royal Palace accompanied by her parents King Philippe and Queen Mathilde.

Proud parents King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, members of the Belgian Royal Family, authorities of the country, and 80 young people all born in October 2001, like the Princess, were invited to this event.

Each one of the young people was asked to express a wish for the Princess and wish for Belgium. Five young people were also selected to express their wish during the ceremony.

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Elisabeth’s grandparents King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium.

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Laureates from the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, Sylvia Huang and Lorenzo Gatto opened the event with violin performances.

King Philippe’s Speech at Princess Elisabeth Birthday

King Philippe, gave speech to his daughter.

King Philippe said:

“Dear Elisabeth, your mother and I are happy that you are our daughter. We are proud of you, how you look at life. Be not afraid of going in for life. You have so much charisma, so many qualities. I am sure you will bring happiness to the people around you.

Happy birthday, my dear Elisabeth. Spread your wings, be happy. This is what I wish you wholeheartedly.”

King Philippe of the Belgians
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Princess Elisabeth is Awarded with The Order of Leopold

King Philippe presented Princess Elisabeth with the Order of Leopold. Elisabeth will wear the little pin only on informal occassions and the sash and badge for formal occasions.

King Philippe added:

“The Leopold Order that I will hand over to you shortly is a national order created by our ancestor Leopold I. That distinction is, therefore, also part of our family history. It symbolises the dignity of our country and our family. I hope you will see this as an encouragement and a sign of confidence.”

King Philippe of the Belgians
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“The Order of Leopold (Dutch: Leopoldsorde, French: Ordre de Léopold, German: Leopoldsorden) is one of the three current Belgian national honorary orders of knighthood. It is the oldest and highest order of Belgium and is named in honour of its founder; King Leopold I. It was founded in July 1832”.

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Princess Elisabeth’s Speech on Her 18th Birthday

After that Princess Elisabeth delivered a speech.

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The Princess’ Speech:

Your Majesties,
Dear Guests,
Ladies and Gentelman,

“I am happy to celebrate my eighteenth birthday here with you. I will always remember this special moment.

In the past eighteen years, I have had many enriching moments. They have made me who I am today. Turning eighteen is a transition into adulthood. A moment where I reflect on everything I have been given and all the opportunities that have been offered to me. And now, I only feel gratitude.

First of all, there is my family. They have always been there to support and encourage me. Together we form a strong team – and of course, I am especially thinking of my brothers and sister, Gabriel, Emmanuel and Eléonore.

Thank you, mama, for always being there and listening. Thanks you, dad, for your trust. I know I can always count on you…

Eighteen years … A step that I take with great optimism. I realize that I still have a lot to learn. I will also focus on that in the coming years: trying to understand the world better – and helping to improve it, by giving the best of myself.

Belgium can count on me.”

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium
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Queen Mathilde fought back tears as she watched her daughter deliver a speech.

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The Queen looks at her children, Princess Eléonore, Prince Emmanuel and Prince Gabriel.

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Emotional and proud Queen Mathilde hugs Princess Elisabeth.

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The Princess kisses her brother Prince Emmanuel.

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Princess Eléonore and Princess Elisabeth.

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Princess Elisabeth and her uncle Prince Laurent.

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Performances at Princess Elisabeth’s Birthday

The Princess and her guests were treated, for the occasion, with performances by Blanche, who represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Ukraine and Royal Ballet School of Antwerp.

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Dancers from the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp performed for guests at the lavish Royal Palace in Brussels.

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Princess Elisabeth, who was sitting with the royal family, crossed the Throne Room to sit with the 80 young people of her age invited for the occasion.

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At the end of the ceremony she led the special guests – as well as the dancers – outside the palace for a photo call.

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The birthday girl Princess Elisabeth wore a tailored white trench coat dress by Natan and nude suede heels for the celebrations.

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She added a pair of simple stud earrings.

Apart from the festivities at the Royal Palace, Princess Elisabeth also plans to celebrate her 18 years in privacy and with friends.

Happy Birthday to Elisabeth, The future Queen of the Belgians and many more to come!!

UPDATE!!! October 26, 2019

Official Photos of Princess Elisabeth’s Birthday

Belgian Royal Palace has released new Family photos on the occasion of the 18th birthday of Princess Elisabeth.⁣ The photos were taken by Bas Bogaerts.

Princess Eléonore, Queen Mathilde, King Philippe, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel and Prince Emmanuel.

Princess Elisabeth and paternal grandparents -King Albert and Queen Paola – and maternal grandmother Countess Anna Maria d’Udekem d’Acoz.

Three generations, King Albert, King Philippe and Princess Elisabeth.

King Philippe and Princess Elisabeth.

Princess Elisabeth and siblings, Prince Emmanuel, Princess Eléonore and Prince Gabriel.

Queen Paola, Queen Mathilde, King Philippe, King Albert, Prince Amedeo, Archduke of Austria-Este, Prince Laurent, Princess Claire, Countess Anna Maria d’Udekem d’Acoz, Prince Gabriel, Princess Eléonore, Prince Emmanuel, Princess Elisabeth and Princess Astrid.

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